What is Career Counseling? 

  I have defined my mission as the principle of helping people help themselves.

Career counseling session includes one-on-one conversation and practical tasks.

As a career counselor I can help you with career exploration, help you navigate your career path and understand your career goals. I am providing different career counseling techniques and tools that can give you clarity about yourself, your current situation and next steps toward a solution.

How to know when you need it?

Career counseling can help you make sound decisions about your professional journey.

These are the most common topics people are working on during career counseling:

✅ What are my key competencies and skills? What are my strengths? What are my development needs?
✅ How to find my 'dream' job?
✅ How to find a new job? 
✅ How to prepare a personal, up-to-date and engaging resume?
✅ How to improve my LinkedIn profile?
✅ How to prepare for a job interview?
✅ How to negotiate salary?
✅ What to consider choosing an employer? 
✅ Any other question of yours

If you want to apply for a career counseling session or find out additional information about this option, please feel free to contact me.